Our Story


Since Pete was downsized from his 25 year career as an executive with a Fortune 5 company, he and Dora have helped thousands of people learn to build their own successful businesses with USANA. Over the past 20 years, they have come to be known throughout USANA and the entire network marketing industry as a premier business builders, trainers and mentors.


Their successful USANA team members include entrepreneurs, estheticians, teachers, nurses, business executives, athletes, NPC models, dieticians, health coaches, government workers and contractors, holistic practitioners, computer analysts, nutrition counselors, health system workers, business owners, wedding planners, laboratory assistants, receptionists, restaurant workers, hospital workers, chiropractors, scientists, yoga and Pilates instructors, massage therapists and many others from all walks of life.


The USANA business model, combined with world-class nutritional, personal care and weight control products formulated and manufactured by USANA Health Sciences in its FDA approved facilities, have proven to be a winning combination for anyone looking to improve the health of themselves, their clients and others, while also providing the opportunity to generate a significant income stream with a USANA business.


Contact Pete and Dora today by phone, text or email for no-obligation information to learn how they can help you create your health, your life, your way with USANA.


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